Hi! Alora here. Thanks for taking the time to check out my site!

I’m a newlywed, daydreamer, lover of fairy tales, and writer in the young adult fantasy genre.  I’m also an Oreo addict, hopeless romantic, animal lover, seeker of the best in decaf coffee, and I count as family the people who truly know me and accept me as I am. Forever learning, I’m fascinated with photography, reading books about self-help and spiritual growth, the study of Reiki, and how to use Essential oils. But, balance is important, so I often make time to dsc_0124watch another awesome Marvel movie with the hubby, play Lego Harry Potter with my lovely stepdaughter, or get my ass kicked by both of them in Mortal Combat.

I love meeting people, so say hello below, or look me up on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Oh, and if you’re a Pinterest or Instagram fan, we can connect there too!

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