Hi! Alora here. Thanks for stopping by! I’m a wife, mom, grandma, good-vibes Twitch streamer, gamer, daydreamer, lover of fairy tales, and writer in the young adult fantasy genre.

Random facts: Though I like both, I usually choose coffee over tea. And I constantly crave sugar… especially chocolate in the form of cookies or cake. Also, don’t tell me to watch sad movies, because you’re wasting your breath. But, do tell me about the latest fun animated series you binged on Netflix, because I’ll be all over that.

Hubby and I recently moved from Ontario, Canada, to an isolated community in northern Saskatchewan. It’s been quite an adventure, and the main thing I’ve learned here is that I have a whole lot to learn. I’ll keep you posted.

I love making new friends, so say hello below, or better yet, stop by my livestream on Twitch so we can have a few laughs together. If you are into socials, we can also connect on Twitter.

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