Alora’s Pics

Pink Floral
Pink Floral taken in British Columbia, 10/2016 by Alora Mills. Free for personal use: 1. Leave a comment to notify me of use details. 2. Credit my pic “Photo by Alora Mills”.

Not much to see here yet. When I post my pics in future blogs, I will also add them to this album. Hopefully, when scrolling through them all, we will see some improvement over time! Let me know what you like, or leave a polite critique. 🙂

Also, I intend to make most pics free for personal use. Those that are available will be identified in the caption. If you plan to use one please let me know in the comments below, and credit the pic “Photo by Alora Mills”. Thanks a bunch!  Eventually, I will put them up for download elsewhere…maybe on Flickr. Will keep you posted.


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