Into the Light

(Photo by Alora Mills. Please use with permission only.)

I want to apologize to my followers for the several old posts they received from this website a week ago. I was doing some major remodeling lately, as I will soon begin a photography course, and I hoped to create a nice place to feature some of my “homework”.  During this process, I  struggled with the question of what to do with my original posts. Ignore them? Delete them? I leaned toward the latter, but while deciding, I gave them all a  private setting.

Don’t ask me why. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

So, I spent the week choosing a new website theme and fumbling through the process of making it work for me, then I looked at those posts again, my thoughts going something like this:

My life has changed a lot since those days. No surprise, since the last entry is dated 15 months ago. I’m such a different person now, so I should trash them.

Yes, I’ve decided to definitely trash them.

Then, I looked at those posts again. My life hadn’t just changed. Everything was brand new, like the whole caterpillar-butterfly thing!

(Sorry. Here I go, with the most overused, worn out, old analogy.)

Anyway… I was this short, little, blonde caterpillar, all wrapped up in some situations I didn’t like, learning to just chill, and accept myself, despite my limitations. So, I focused on letting go of old baggage – with becoming a better, stronger person, and one day, viola’, I’m fluttering away to happier times.

The posts reminded me of how far I’ve come – a realization that changed my mind about pitching them. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that email notifications would be sent when I made them public again. Oops!

Change isn’t easy. If you have an uplifting story of transformation in your life, feel free to share. If you’re feeling a little caterpillar-ish right now, you can share that too. We might as well encourage and support one another.

Best wishes!