The Intervention

My latest obsession: Self-help books

In a previous post, I mentioned I have developed quite an addiction to interest in self-help books. You see, becoming a healthy, happy person is a priority—something I work at every day. A few months ago, I increased my efforts by adding a number of recommended books to my library. Then I started reading. And reading, and reading. And reading. In fact, you could hardly catch me without a book in my hand. Well, this new obsession pursuit did not escape the notice of my friend, and our conversation went something like this:

Friend: <turns his attention from the TV> What are you reading?

Me: Uh… <closes the latest self-help book, and lays it aside.> Nothing.

5 minutes later…

Friend: Put that away.

Me: Okay. Sorry. <closes the self-help book, and lays it aside for the 2nd time.>

5 minutes later… 

Friend:  <pauses the movie> Are you reading again? <sighs loudly> I swear I’ll take that f***ing thing and light it on fire.

Me: <rolling my eyes> All right, fine! But, I’ve seen this movie before.

Friend: I don’t care. You’re hanging out with me tonight. Stop reading. In fact…just give me that. <reaching toward the book>

Me: Hey! <clinging to my book> No!

A brief tug-of-war ensues. He takes the book from me, lifting it above his head victoriously.

Friend: I PROCLAIM THIS A NON SELF-HELP NIGHT! <carelessly tosses the book across the room>

Me: Are you CRAZY??? Did you bend the cover? <hurries over to straighten ruffled pages, and lay the book flat>  I should punch you in the face.

Friend: <with one raised eyebrow> Uh huh.

Me: <giving him the look while gracefully returning to my seat> Just shut up and push “play”.

We finish watching the movie while I silently wonder if there is a way his favorite fantasy novel can be “accidentally” dropped into the toilet…

And then I wonder if I can find a good self-help book dealing with anger.